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RiskAssess – the Instrument to determine Risk- as well as Investor behavior of Private Investors

The target of RiskAssess is

... to determine on the basis of an analytical procedure Private Investors' risk profile as well as their investor behavior in order to support investors, client advisors and banks or investment managers to make sound and sustainable finance and investment decisions.

RiskAssess generates online a comprehensive report including

  • The investors' Risk Profile as an analytically determined score supplemented with individual comments
  • A distinct description the investors’ behavior and indications on the investors’ preferred form of advice
  • Relevant regulatory aspects in client handling, namely the „Suitability and Appropriateness of Investments for Clients“ (MiFID)

RiskAssess goes far beyond the generally applied practice in assessing risk- and investor behavior.

RiskAssess is

  • Integrated into the investment advisory process
  • Is easy to use and as a web-based solution can directly be applied without need to adjust the corporate infrastructure
  • Fulfills all banking related high data protection laws and directives (SSL certificate) and runs in Switzerland on a Banking (FINMA) certified Server.